Tom Danowski



Founder and Chief Strategist of Impac. I started making lead generation websites when I was 21 and it grew from there. I love being able to track in real time how much profit I bring a business. 

I have a zeal for outstanding customer service, that's why my clients are always long term. Let's get to work. 


Steven Jacobson

My first taste of sales started when I was a door-to-door salesman getting leads for an exterior company.  The first week I brought in 12 leads. From that moment on, I knew what my passion was. I am so thankful to be around great people and help their ideas come into fruition. 


Joe Cartwright

Growing up I always had a video camera with me. I would make little lego movies. Fast forward, I was in Film school getting ready to go Hollywood when I discovered I had a knack for marketing the films.

I took a summer to dive in and really learn more about marketing and I realized I learned much faster in this niche than film. Fast forward now I specialize in lead generation for business via Facebook ads, Email Scraping, and Cold Emailing.

Most common problems businesses have with online marketing

Our solutions

When a business makes the decision to expand into digital marketing, often times they will start with an agency that specializes in building links, and writing content. This process could take several months, and may even stretch into years. When the going gets tough, or loss is experienced, organizations tend to suspend digital marketing first. Here at Impac, we create and customize SMM campaigns to enhance profit BEFORE starting on the long term option of ranking in the search engines.

Why Social Media Marketing is the the first place to start?

It is the responsibility of a business owner to minimize risk as much as possible. As previously stated, content marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requires excessive testing with trial and error, before completion. It’s important to understand what DOESN’T work FIRST, in order to follow the path of least resistance. This process demands months to acquire usable data. With our campaigns, we see real time data as it comes in, and we adjust our campaigns accordingly. Why spend eight months striving to increase profit when your goal could be achieved in 30 days?

We create the ultimate sales funnel

Most business just do not understand the importance of a tried and true sales funnel. When we create your business a facebook ad, we don't simply stop there. We also create a custom landing page that guides the potential customer to give us their phone number or email. If they don't give us their number, but did click on the add and show interest, we re-target them with a more customized ad later on, to make sure we get their business. 


Facebook Ads and Conversion rate optimization

What makes us DIFFERENT?

There is a lot to think about when a business decides to try digital marketing. It takes a dedicated and focused team, who knows what they are doing. Remember, at Impac we:

  • Make sure you have a profitable campaign before we start working on long term strategies.  
  • Spend time learning about your business to help you create the perfect sales funnel. 
  • Give detailed reports every month of where your business was and where you are. Something that too many marketing companies don't do enough.

If you ready to really take you business's online markteting to the next level, fill out this form, or call 503-875-5929. While our brand is under construction, to find out more about Impac, please visit our parent company, 

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